Who? What? Why?


I am a new nurse, a new mom, and a new director.  New is the theme for this season of my life and I am rolling with it.  Sometimes I feel like I am confidently taking all of this on like a true adult.  Other times I feel like a little girl playing dress-up in my mom’s clothes.

Regardless, I am excited!  Newness is… well new, and that is exciting to me!


With all of these new things come new experiences and those are what I want to share with you here.  Life is beautiful but it can be hard and often unforgiving.  My dream for this, is that it is a place of encouragement.  Where falling down does not equate to failure but an opportunity to show ourselves grace.

I can promise one thing.  I will not be perfect.  So let’s practice grace together, beginning with ourselves.


When I was thinking of what I wanted to call this I knew I wanted it to be authentic.  Whatever it was, it was going to be REAL.  So why not just use the word authentic in the name?  I’m the boss here, I can do what I want!  Aside from being authentic I knew I wanted it to be relateable… is that a word? Oh well #reallife.  The one constant about my life is that it is constantly changing, moving, evolving… becoming.

I never want to get stuck or to stay still.  I want to always be changing, growing… authentically becoming.

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